Wireless Uplighting Rentals

Wireless Uplighting Rental

Perfect for seamless transitions and secluded locations, wireless uplighting rentals can completely transform the look of your entire venue. Their wireless capabilities allows them to function at full capacity in situations where power is limited and their simplistic composition ensures that walls and floors won’t be crowded with unattractive wires.
Deliberate placement and careful focusing of uplights can brighten any room and give it an inviting glow. It will also help ceilings appear higher and make rooms seem larger by accenting vertital lines or creating new ones. Wireless uplights are also an easy way to create transitions between spaces without making the area seem closed off, providing sophisticated decoration and understated functionality. 
Wireless uplights are ideal for elevating a space, especialy one with a neutral look, but they’re also wonderful for illuminating columns, alcoves, trees, art, and interesting architectural features around the venue. Reach out to one of our event designers to find out what else wireless uplighting can do for you. 

Uplighting is an easy approach to dress up an event space and add excitement and elegance without much cost. With affordable do-it-yourself options for $22 per wireless uplight fixture and full service options starting at $30, Arizona Uplighitng has a catered solution for you. Need help figuring out how many lights you need for your venue? Check out this quick read on our blog.

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