Moon Balloon Lighting Rentals

Moon Ball Lighting Rentals

Bring the magic of the moon to your big day with a moon balloon! Sized to reflect its galactic inspirations, the giant moon balloon light provides an undeniably pleasing, soft light to spaces up of up to 100' in diameter. Use multiple balloons for even bigger spaces. The 360-degree shine, supported by the ultra-powerful light encased in a fabric covering, is perfect for both ambient and general lighting. Who can deny the allure of laughing and celebrating beneath a bright and shining moon? 
Moon balloon rentals are popular for both indoor and outdoor events, and they are the most effective and attractive option for lighting a large space with a single fixture. Captivating yet soft, their unobtrusive shine is the perfect light for any situation. Contact us about your moon balloon rental to find out just what we can do to elevate your next event. 
A typical moon balloon rental cost is about $450 plus delivery.

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